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Property Management Plans

Property Management Duties

Putting Your Property on the Market for Rent

In order to maximize exposure and increase interest, we will take photos of the property in a presentable manner. We will list it on more than 40 of the most popular real estate platforms.

Rent Collection

We have a dedicated accounting team to collect rent and pay bills on your behalf. When a tenant’s payment is late, we will take immediate action until the rent is collected.

Property Maintenance

We work with professional repair companies to ensure that you are getting quality work for your properties. Our company also offers our own maintenance plan to help property owners reduce the frustration in dealing with repairs and minimize the costs. (More Details),Having this maintenance plan allows us to provide a complete investment platform to our investors.

Legal Compliance

As an established real estate firm, we have the knowledge and ability to guide you towards making decisions with legal compliance. When legal issues arise, knowing how to correctly handle the situation can avoid unnecessary disputes and secure the rights to your property.

Tenant Screening

Once we receive an application from a potential tenant, we will collect information to assess their eligibility such as credit history, rental history, income status, employment verification, criminal records, etc. We will summarize each applicant and present the information to you for your consideration.

Homeowner Association Management

With our property management plan, we give you the option to allow us to handle any homeowner association (HOA) related duties. We can assist you with making payments and handling any issues that may arise between the HOA and your tenant. We will also attend any mandatory meetings to ensure that your property complies with all HOA regulations.

Financial Statements

We operate with an online system that allows you to easily access the accounting information of your property. Financial statements are generated and automatically sent to you on a bi-monthly basis to ensure that you always have the latest information. It also allows you to have instant access to important documents such as property tax reports.


In the case that your tenant fails to pay rent, we can help you through a formal eviction process under legal terms. We will evict the tenant and help you find a new tenant as soon as possible to keep your costs to a minimum and ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment.

3JM All-Inclusive Property Management Plan

We take pride in this project that is exclusive to our company. The 3JM All-Inclusive Property Management Plan was created by 3JM and requires a certain scale of operation and participants to function. The plan’s approach puts 3JM in a second landlord position. The homeowner will allow for subleasing of the property. In the lease contract, 3JM will take full responsibility and deal directly with the tenant. The main purpose of this plan is to take the worries and risk away from the investor. They will not have to worry about whether or not the house is being rented out, coordinating repairs, and any defaults in rent payments. The investor is guaranteed to receive rent paid by 3JM each month. If and when the investor decides to sell, we will take the necessary steps to return the property to optimal condition and list it according to the given instructions.

The Three-Year Risk-Sharing Plan

3JM launched a unique, three-year risk-sharing plan in 2019. This plan is based solely on our confidence in the Las Vegas real estate market. If your property has been under our management for at least 3 years and you decide to sell it, we do not charge any listing fees if the pricing increase of the property is less than 3% of your original purchase price. We will also refund any management fees collected in the past 3 years. This program is designed to give you peace of mind. When housing prices fall, we share the loss with you and lessen your costs.

This plan only applies to single family homes managed through NVWM Realty. It was designed to bring peace of mind to our investors. Certain restrictions do apply, so please contact our agent for more details. Many investors have already been taking advantage of this opportunity since it was launched.

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