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Put Your Property Into Great Hands at NVWM Realty

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Put Your Property Into Great Hands at NVWM Realty

Why choose NVWM Realty to sell your property?

NVWM Realty’s highly experienced sales team is available to meet all your real estate needs and pinpoint the perfect time to put your house on the market in order to maximize exposure. We can help expose your property to our top investors for their consideration.

With our extensive knowledge of the market and accumulated experience, our sales team is here to cater to your best interests. We will provide you with a complete and transparent outlook on the current real estate market and deliver our most professional recommendations.

Sellers Desire Two Things:

  1. An Optimal Selling Price

  2. A Smooth and Successful Transaction

Know Your Property

Determining Factors of Value

Determining the value of the property requires the consideration of many different attributes. Location, direction, size, age, and floorplan are some of the leading factors that contribute to the property’s current market value.

Property Value is Driven by the Current Real Estate Market

Most buyers will do an adequate amount of research before purchasing a property. It is more than likely that they will have already compared their target property to other surrounding properties in the area that have recently sold. They will have a clear expectation of a price range based on the current market before submitting an offer on a property.

Allow Us to Determine Your Listing Price

1. Creating Competition

Creating competition is a strategy used by skilled real estate professionals to ensure that a property sells at its maximum value. When there is a bidding war, it automatically drives up the purchase price. In a quiet and static market, it takes a skilled sales agent to create this competitive atmosphere. Our trained professionals will utilize the current market trends and strategically communicate with other agents to secure the most competent buyers. Different locations will attract different types of buyers. Regardless of home price fluctuations, our agents will be prepared to work a deal according to the situation. We will assess the market and determine the correct strategy to ensure that your property gets the maximum exposure for optimal results. Selling a property is a collaborative effort of a team and not something a single agent is able to achieve. With each sale, you are supported by our company’s reputation, broad connections, and resources to deliver a smooth and seamless transaction.

2. Strengthening Areas Within Your Control

Small renovations such as new paint and staging are likely to increase the overall quality and look of your home, making buyers more willing to pay more.

3. A Smooth and Successful Transaction

One of the biggest concerns a seller has is that an issue arises in the process of waiting for escrow to close. If a buyer backs out for personal reasons or a loan does not get approved, it can create a frustrating situation for the seller.

To avoid occurrences like these, the communication between the buying and selling agents is critical. The buyer’s agent must be skilled enough to educate and guide their buyer.

The sales team at NVWM Realty is comprised of the most intelligent and experienced real estate professionals. We are here to alleviate any worries that may come with selling your property by guiding you through the entire process.


Great people yield great results.

Choosing NVWM Realty will allow you to sit back and relax knowing that

your property is in the best hands.

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